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V4C reveals the extent to which social norms shape Nigerian attitudes towards gender

Over the past three years, the Voices for Change (V4C) programme in Nigeria have been piloting several innovative approaches to tackle social norms underpinning gender inequality. At the beginning of this work V4C identified three key behaviours which it specifically[...]

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Traditional leaders advocate for female leaders and decision makers

V4C Case Studies November 2o16  Women are being installed as fully titled chiefs and members of cabinet. Traditional leaders (TLs), who are largely men and role models for their followers, can play a crucial part in promoting gender equality within[...]

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Young women and girls maintain their dignity in Sumaila, Kano State

Menstruation is experienced by females the world over, yet for many young women their monthly cycle is an unwelcome addition to the gender disparities they face. In communities across Nigeria, women use anything from old clothes to toilet paper to[...]

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