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Looking to strengthen your organisation’s awareness and capacity on gender?

Gender Hub is V4C’s new prototype one-stop knowledge portal on Gender equality for audiences in and outside Nigeria – a collaborative space for supporting a culture of evidence and capacity building[...]

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Selling Condoms in the Congo

In 3 minutes, this insightful TED TALK communicates succinctly V4C's entire approach to marketing new social norms around gender.[...]

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2014 Men Engage Global Symposium

V4C will be participating in the 2nd Men Engaged Global Symposium, in New Dehli, 2014. workshop. Some of our other partners like Sonke Gender Justice and Promundo will also be participating.[...]

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Increasing Chances of Nigerian Women to Equal Opportunities

V4C’s investment in the Gender Technical Unit (GTU) and support to NCAA has started yielding results. The gender and equal opportunities (GEO) bill has passed through first reading. This was made possible by collaboration between GTU and NCAA supported by[...]

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