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Encouraging budgets that directly benefit women and girls

GWIN: A Gender Budgeting Pilot (Nigeria, 2014) from MIND on Vimeo.   From making sure women have access to water, to ensuring employment for all, to enabling women to voice their concerns about safe transport and adequate maternal healthcare –[...]

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“Young people want to fly. We have to empower their wings.”

By building their collective power, young people can become leaders and a force for change. We need to deconstruct some of the negative perceptions we have created around young people and build their power to act on inequality argues Patience Ekeoba, Research and Evidence Lead for V4C.[...]

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Tordue Nyitse & Jude Ohanele talk about the VAPP Act in Nigeria

Violence Against Person Prohibition (VAPP) Act was signed into law on May 25th, 2015 Tordue Nyitse a Senior Facilitator, Gender Technical Unit – Nigeria Assembly and Jude Chimdi Ohanele, Gender Technical Unit Nigeria – National Assembly shed more light on[...]

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Being a Man in Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities

Click the link to download the book Being A Man in Nigeria: Perceptions and Realities. Understanding men’s attitudes and practices to family, community life and relationships is crucial to improving and encouraging more equitable relationships between men and women. The[...]

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Gender Knowledge in Nigeria: Meeting of Minds

On 25th June 2015, Voices for Change (V4C) drew 34 gender related minds representing Academia, Civil Servants, CSOs/NGOs and International development organisations to discuss the Supply Side of Gender Knowledge in Nigeria. This was a precursor for new study courses[...]

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An interactive session on Gender Justice

Gideon 300 will focus on the religious prospective of Gender and Masculinity an interactive session themed Gender Justice. On the 25th April, 2015 in Lagos Nigeria.[...]

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Former chauvinist to take gender equality into real life politics

Twenty-three year old Ikenna Nwafor, is a Mass Communications student of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, and fifth of six children in a Christian family where one child is female and love flows from equality. However, as a[...]

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How Najibu’s Attitude to the Fair Sex Turned Full Circle

Najibu, real name Najib Abbas, is a 25-year old final year student of Agricultural Economics and Extension at Bayero University Kano, who plans to go into Agric. business later in life. The first in a family of six children, Najibu[...]

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Remi’s new-found platform to address gender inequality

”After the Safe Spaces training, I’ve been able to speak out. I’ve learnt how to be assertive, taking my time in decision making. I learnt about healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to build a woman’s self-esteem, and it has[...]

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An awakening truth sets Agatha free

Agatha Ariwa, 24-year old student of Lagos State Polytechnic believes she now knows the truth. In a chest-thumping manner, the third year Fisheries Technology major says that the truth has set her free. “It’s just the truths that had been[...]

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