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FREE - eLearning Course on Gender-Sensitive Governance

FREE – eLearning Course on Gender-Sensitive Governance

By In Gender Hub On May 20, 2016

This free e-learning course from Gender Hub aims to support policymakers, practitioners and activists who are committed to achieving a just society for all, regardless of gender, by offering the tools and knowledge needed to engage men towards gender equality

What does is it mean to be a man in Nigeria? What is the potential value of working with men towards gender equality? What are the most effective strategies that we can use to mobilise together? What do gender-equitable masculinities look like?

After the success of the ground-breaking research from the Voices 4 Change, Nigeria Landmark Research Report: ‘Being a Man in Nigeria’ this e-learning course will help participants to explore further why we should and how best to engage men towards gender equality. They will develop the skills to identify and critically assess the ways in which conventional masculinity acts as a barrier to gender equality, and how new forms of gender equitable masculinities are emerging. Participants will learn how gender inequality, whilst overwhelmingly negatively impacting women, also negatively impacts men and boys themselves. The course aims to inspire participants to become committed to take action, including advocating and mobilising with others to engage men in gender equality, drawing from practice in Nigeria and elsewhere.

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