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Lady Mechanic initiative (LMI) 10th Anniversary

Lady Mechanic initiative (LMI) 10th Anniversary

By In Trending On December 23, 2014

The Lady Mechanic Initiative (LMI) is a non-governmental organisation established over a decade ago to empower vulnerable girls and women with mechanical and technical skills to enable them become competent and qualified professionals in the field of automotive repairs. The free training program liberates and empowers these trainees who are afflicted by poverty, victims of human trafficking and forced labour, repentant prostitutes, widows, and those stigmatized by cultural biases and gender discrimination.
In the last ten years, the Lady Mechanic Initiative has shown that women, like their male counterparts, have a lot to contribute to national development, economic growth, positive change and a peaceful society.

The Lady Mechanic initiative (LMI) 10th Anniversary is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate our partners and donor agencies for making the lives of 700 young women to have real meaning. Although the last ten years of service to humanity brought a lot of challenges, we are excited to say that these challenges have helped us to appreciate that empowering indigent girls and women in our society is not just a call to service and the essence of humanity; but something that defines our collective existence.

Whilst rolling out the drums to celebrate this milestone; it is also an opportunity to highlight the many areas of service to humanity. The hundreds of girls and women who flock to our training centers nationwide seeking to be trained and empowered is an attestation of more work that needs to be done. Read More

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