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Radio station staff start to believe in gender equality

Radio station staff and management are more aware of gender issues, believe in the value of gender equality, and take action to support gender justice within their organisations and in other parts of their lives. As a result, radio stations[...]

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Strengthening mechanisms that support gender responsive legislation

As the Gender and Equal Opportunities (GEO) Bill is publicly heard on 9 December, V4C looks at the role of the Gender Technical Unit (GTU) in facilitating the progress of the Bill so far. V4C Case Study: The Gender Technical Unit (GTU)[...]

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Interesting things to check out

“Young people want to fly. We have to empower their wings.”

By building their collective power, young people can become leaders and a force for change. We need to deconstruct some of the negative perceptions we have created around young people and build their power to act on inequality argues Patience Ekeoba, Research and Evidence Lead for V4C.[...]

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