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Radio station staff start to believe in gender equality

By In uncategorised On December 7, 2016

Radio station staff and management are more aware of gender issues, believe in the value of gender equality, and take action to support gender justice within their organisations and in other parts of their lives. As a result, radio stations encourage dialogue on gender equality and broadcast more gender sensitive programmes.

V4C Case Study
November 2016

V4C aims to reach a broad audience with compelling messages that convey the benefits of new norms around gender equality. The programmes of the radio stations V4C supports were previously largely entertainment focused, and had little emphasis on young people or gender-related issues. Listeners were largely treated as passive participants, with no real opportunities to make their voices heard in the debates being aired. If gender was raised at all, it was regarded as a ‘woman’s issue’ and discussed in programmes that targeted men and women separately.

This case study summary is the first one of a series of three describing the outcomes that are emerging within the radio stations V4C supports. Each of the case study summaries focuses on specific outcomes and is drawn from the detailed case study report.


Since 2014, V4C has been working with 11 radio stations in four target states to provide new ideas, perspectives and knowledge on gender. This includes providing capacity building, as well as the introduction of the radio drama series ‘Purple Tinz’. This case study brief explores the influence that V4C’s support has had on a sample of the targeted radio stations based in Enugu and Kaduna states.

Following V4C’s support, there have been a number of significant changes in radio stations staff’s awareness, behaviours, relationships, actions and practices.


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