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Remi's new-found platform to address gender inequality

Remi’s new-found platform to address gender inequality

By In Interesting things to check out On December 29, 2014

Oluremi Jolaosho, a 19-year old, third year student of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Ijanikin, Lagos, is a Guidance and Counselling major and Safe Spaces Brand Ambassador who has found in Safe Spaces a platform to address genader inequality.

“I am the last and only female of three children in my family. Growing up with two guys was quite tasking, particularly as I was expected to do most of the household chores, and I didn’t ‘dig’ it. So I took up challenges to prove that we could all be treated equally, and that’s where my affection for gender equality started.
“Through a friend, I enrolled and received the Safe Spaces training, and became a brand ambassador. It’s been a life-changing experience. My duties as a brand ambassador are to assist and actively participate in saying ‘no’ to gender inequality; stopping violence against women; and building women’s self-esteem.

“I hope to own a counselling clinic after I graduate. I don’t just want to help people face their challenges and help them solve their problems, I want to groom girls on how to go about having relationships because I actually see this relationship thing going on with girls—they get heartbreak, and everybody complains—so I want to actually assist them in going through healthy relationships; teach them the ethics of having a good relationship; help them achieve their goals in the society, not minding what the society says about women; help erase their negative beliefs about what the society wants or what the society would say about them.

“I want to give women hope, and Safe Spaces has actually given me the platform, and I thank God that I’m a part of it. Even after I leave school, I want to know that I’ve been able to do something.”

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