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Stories of learning

Stories of Learning

The Stories of Learning series document the challenges of delivering a programme designed to tackle social norms underpinning gender inequality at scale. These are  stories of trial and error, of experimentation and innovation and of the critical role of iterative and adaptive programme design.

Religious and Traditional Leaders are deepening their knowledge and understanding of gender and become ‘champions’ for gender justice through V4C-faciliated participatory training on gender and religion.

Documenting V4C’s journey from delivering gender education in the physical to the virtual space and the lessons learned along the way.

What has V4C learned from doing things differently and how could our approach benefit similar initiatives seeking social change?

How V4C is using social network theory to identify and engage those with the power and influence to champion and spread ideas, and work with others to transform social norms concerning gender in Nigeria.

Reflecting on V4C’s experiences of developing e-learning activities that support discriminatory beliefs and practices about gender and the role that adaptive learning can play in mobilising applied knowledge at scale.