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Key Influencers: Media Personalities


As part of V4C’s work with key influencers , we are working with media personalities (male and female) who champion and endorse the V4C messages and continue to make supportive public communication on gender equality and women empowerment issues.

V4C is identifying champions that are relevant to and highly visible within our target group, such as: social critics, footballers, media personalities, singers/artists, bloggers, social activists, and known male gender advocates at both national and state level.

Through our work on communicating change, we will amplify the voices of such champions within media, including radio, social media and the music industry.

These champions will be encouraged to form part of a network of men and boys for gender equality that V4C is promoting. These champions will include male allies who are highly influential within the public sector. This work will not only target existing champions but also those that have a lot of public influence. We will target people who are committed to our vision, regardless of their existing degree of commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment.