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Key Influencers: Political Leaders


V4C will be targeting and engaging political leaders as part of its strategy to engage key influencers. V4C will engage with them to make positive statements that have the potential to shift attitudes and behaviours of people in society towards adolescent girls and women. These political leaders will be supported to take concrete personal and political action to advocate for changes and ‘to be the change they want to see’. The identified political leaders will also be supported on media platforms to amplify their positive statements and positions.

A political leader in the V4C context can be defined as an individual who actively participates in the political scene. This definition is not restricted to elected politicians, they include:

  • Elected politicians
  • Political appointees
  • Political party stalwarts
  • Influential political party members
  • Individuals who influence people that emerges as elected representative at the three levels of government
  • Individuals that have great influence in determining or suggesting government appointees

In this area of work, we seek to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Changes in attitudes and behaviours of followers (male and female) of political leaders
  • Citizens within the sphere of influence of the political leaders replicating some of their actions
  • Increase in the number of male gender champions who are political leaders