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Women's Political Participation


The challenges women face in political participation stems from their lack of preparedness for politicking, lack of insight in the intrigues that attend the Nigerian political system and lack of knowledge on how politics can be approached. As a result, it has become pertinent to address some issues relating to female inclusiveness in the electoral process. Experience has shown that when elections draw near, all activities in government will be slowed down to give way to electoral preparations. Therefore, now is the time to begin the process of advocating for women’s participation in Nigeria politics. V4C has committed to do the following:

  • Groom female politicians with the aim of improving quality of representation in political parties
  • Advocate for widening the space for women’s political participation in V4C’s four focal states (Enugu, Kaduna, Kano and Lagos) and the Federal Capital Territory

In order to achieve, there is need for political education for the women to foster further understanding on the workings of politics in Nigeria

V4C has awarded grants to partners in each of the four V4C focal States (Enugu, Kaduna, Kano and Lagos) to support the implementation of activities. Activities to be carried out by these partners will also cover support to women aspirants to vie for elective and appointive positions within political party structures. The partners are:

  1. Democratic Action Group (DAG) – Kano
  2. Women Advocates and Research and Development Centre (WARDC) – Lagos
  3. Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL) – Enugu
  4. Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) – Kaduna
  5. Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (NWTF) – Abuja

In supporting local partners, V4C will be promoting sustainability of the impact of its interventions. These partners were specifically selected for their wealth of experience working in the political arena of each State.