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One of the key areas of V4C’s work with men and boys is with adolescent boys and young men as this will allow us to engage with the next generation of Nigerian adult men—not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the fathers and husbands of tomorrow.

Safe Spaces - for boysFocusing on adolescent boys and young men allows V4C to reach men when conscious masculine identities have been partially formed, but are still malleable, and when they are first developing relationships with young women.

V4C’s work with men and boys is based upon three pillars:

  1. Transforming adolescent boys and young men through education and action;
  2. Promoting alternative norms and alternative masculinities, including male caregiving; and
  3. Campaigning to engage men and boys to speak out against discriminatory social norms related to: Violence against women and girls, women in leadership, and women in decision making.

Specifically, V4C is

  • Creating physical safe spaces which will encourage dialogue amongst adolescent boys and men, initially within post-secondary institutions but with the opportunity to expand.
  • Recruiting brand ambassadors to promote the agenda being discussed on the physical and virtual platforms. They will be inspiring, credible, principled and courageous students who exemplify the values promoted by V4C; and be young men who already have the ability to influence their peers, and networks. They will act as catalysts, triggering and intensifying change, both on and off campus.