V4C - Voices 4 Change Nigeria

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V4C has created a mobile web-based interactive community that will be accessible to a wide user base of adolescents (girls and young women, boys and young men) and which will reach people inside and outside of the targeted institutions.

Pitched to users as a ‘course for success’ for Nigerian youth, the service supports discussion groups, lessons,and other interactive activities which will create a sense of community as well as offer opportunities for young people to build and share skills.

The service will ultimately contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for girls & women, by providing them with some of the skills they need to grow their self-esteem, assertiveness, leadership and decision making capacity. It will also work with its male users by creating a dialogue around gender, power, and violence, as well as giving them the skills necessary to question and change their own behavior and beliefs.

Designed specifically for use on even the most basic mobile phones, the course ensures that no young person is left out.