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Use of Evidence - Tracker

Use of Evidence tracker

This tracker is designed to find out how you have used the findings from the reports produced and disseminated by the Voices 4 Change programme.

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1. Which of the V4C research report have you seen? (select the relevant options)< /br>Being A Man in NigeriaNiMAGESMedia and MasculinityAll of the aboveNone

2. Where did you see the report?

At one of the LaunchOnlineFrom a friend/colleagueNot seen any of the report.

- If at the launch, where?

3. If you where at any of the launching, did you make commitment to share and use the report?

4. Which area did you pledge to use the report? (select the relevant options)
Write on themes of the LRRSpeak about issues in report with my familyHold a lecture/sermon on the positive change findingsHold a seminar with my communityShare copy (electronic and hard) with my networkUse LRR as part of curriculumUse quotes from LRR in my workHold a dialogueOthers

5. Have you read any of the report?

6. If yes, which one/s have you read?

7. What did you find particularly interesting and why?

8. Have you applied the findings from the report in any area of your life/work?


9. If yes, can you briefly share your experience with us?

10. (a.) If no, is there any particular reason why you have not used it?

(b.) Do you need any support in applying the report findings?

11. Can you recommend any of the report to anyone?

12. If yes, which of the report will you recommend and why?