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Communicating Change

Communicating Change

V4C’s media and communications approach is working to achieve a positive shift in attitudes and behaviours on defined gender equality and women’s empowerment issues.

V4C recognises that to improve the enabling environment it will require clear and consistent messaging over the long term, delivered from a strong brand. To this end, V4C communication works in three key components:

  • Brand
    A lifestyle brand is serving as the identity of V4C’s communications campaigns and a movement of young people. The brand is reflective of positive values in individuals. It reflects a new order of unique individuals who are not only cool but smart and outstanding in everything they do. Various brand themed events and promotions will be conducted.
  • Programmes
    V4C aims to trigger attitudinal change through entertaining and educational programmes. An exciting and engaging radio drama series will portray and demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours on gender equality and women empowerment. The radio drama combines a mix of real life practical scenarios in the lives of young people as well as entertaining storylines to grip listeners.
  • Digital & Social Media
    V4C is harnessing the penetration of the web, social media and mobile to deliver a strategy of mass, local and one-to-one targeted communications.Over thirty popular social media influencers will be utilised to promote healthy debates on gender roles and positive masculinity.Branded websites that are easily accessible by feature and smart phones have been developed by V4C to provide virtual safe spaces for young people to engage and interact. These spaces offer users support and information relating to their physical and emotional well-being.


V4C’s communications will reach over 15 million Nigerians over a period of four years with messages around non-acceptance of violence against women and girls, and promotion of women in leadership and decision making.

2.7 million Nigerians in the four intervention states are expected to demonstrate new attitudes as a result of V4C’s communications campaigns.

Over 100,000 written remarks on the web and social media platforms in support of the issues canvassed by V4C will be recorded.