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Engaging men and boys for gender equality


V4C is working with boys and men to promote Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment – recognising that they are important allies or indeed significant obstacles in changing discriminatory social norms.

Changes for girls and women can be strenghtened through the active engagement and support of boys and men (as well as girls and women) in the household, community and wider society. Few, however, have had opportunities to reflect on their own identities and roles as men or on gender and masculinity issues more generally.

V4C has prioritised the engagement of men and boys in order to change their attitudes and behaviour, influence social norms around being men and encourage their active contribution to sustainable changes in the lives of girls and women.

It is important for V4C to work with men in leadership positions who influence public opinion and can make public declarations for change, in order to contribute to a critical mass of people (including boys and men) in support of gender equality.

Therefore, V4C will work with selected influencers, present and future leaders, including:

  • Men and boys organisations and networks;
  • Religious, traditional and political leaders; and
  • Young men who are in post-secondary institutions, who already have influence today, and are the potential leaders of tomorrow.