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Key Influencers: Networks of boys and men for gender equality


V4C’s approach is based on the insight that a society-wide response is required to improve the enabling environment for adolescent girls and women. The programme includes a strong social marketing element which uses behaviour change communications to shift attitudes in the wider society and to inform citizens that others have changed their attitude.

Male NetworksWe are therefore identifying existing networks of boys and men for gender equality that we will engage with to promote ‘new norms’ around gender norms (for men and women), gender equality and women empowerment. Our engagement with diverse networks of boys and men seeks will stimulate them to publicly speak up and speak out against negative social norms which discriminate against women.

The networks will also support “new norms” around alternative ways of being men in society that are based on nonviolence and mutual collaboration. Their increased public visibility and growing voice will contribute to transformations in men’s attitudes and behavior towards girls and women and relationships with them.

Our work with networks of boys and men for gender equality is creating platforms that can challenge and change patriarchal attitudes, values and behavior in men. Achieving this is a key element of V4C’s mission to transform negative societal/gender norms, contribute to the eradication of violence towards girls and women, and increase women’s roles in leadership and in processes of decision making at all levels in society.